Shot blasting machine is a kind of processing technology which throws the Steel grit steel shot on the surface of materials through the impeller head. Compared with other surface handling technologies, the shot blasting machine is faster and more effective, and reserved part casting process after the stamping.

The first blasting machine was invented by the American companies in the 1930s, and the Chinese Steel plate pretreatment line was started in the 1950s, mainly in the imitation of the former Soviet Union technology. Besides the function of shot blasting machine to fin cutting or corrosion, it can also be used at the removing of the pollutant on the surface, and achieve the purpose of strengthening by providing an increase coat adhesion. Different from wheelabrator, the hook type abrator is to increase the different surface stress and increase the strength of parts through the reduction of fatigue life of components.

The blasting machine is used in the steel casting industry in the place, as well as the removing of surface adhering sand and scale cinder. According to the different structure of casting bearing, the blasting machine can be sorted into many kinds such as drum-type, chain plate, car type as well as hanging type shot blasting machine and so on. Amid all, the drum-type one and chain plate one are mainly adapted to the cleaning of small and medium-sized castings, and the others are used to clean up the large and medium-sized castings, making the turntable turn and run. Besides, the shot blasting machine generally is equipped with several impeller heads installed on different positions which cast the pellets from various directions to improve the cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality.

The developing achievements of blasting machine are remarkable, and its industry change is comprehensive and profound. With the extreme advantages of powerful market need driving, developing motive force as well as relative cheaper labor costs, the shot blasting industry has got a big leap. On the whole, the development of such machine is full of light and positive elements.

By being conformed to the market requirement as well as adopting advanced technology, the blasting industry has a long enjoyed great reputation all over the world. Besides, objectively speaking, due to the continuous market demand of domestic mid-range shot blasting machine, in some senses the Steel plate pretreatment line has promoted the stimulation of capita and the developing of domestic industry. Therefore there lies a huge market for such machine, and no doubt it will be the dominated one in future.