Speaking of Steel Shot Blasting or Plate Blasting, maybe almost everyone knows what it is. Because our daily life is heavily depend on steel and plate. We all know the iron and steel industry serves as the basis for the development of other industries. As the saying goes "possession of steel and iron is equal to the domination of economic development" However, when speaking of shandong kaitai Shot Blasting Machine or Peening Machine, how many of us have a clear understanding of them? I'm afraid only a few know they are widely used in the iron and steel industry. Now have a look at the hardly known machines in the following text.

Actually, Shot Blasting Machine is a processing technology makes steel grit steel shot fall and strike on the material surface at a high speed. It can also be used in fin cutting or removing iron stain that may affect integrity or appearance of the object. In addition, it can remove the appearance stain of a certain coat and provide a surface profile add adhesion of the coat to strength work pieces. The first Shot Blasting Machine appeared in America last century.

We have to say Blast Cleaning Equipment has advantages over Peening Machine, because it is faster, more effective Casting Cleaning process. Compared to Peening Machine, Shot Blasting Machine is specially used in decreasing fatigue life of parts to increase different surface stress; this proves strength of parts and prevention of jogging speed. Based on what mentioned, Shot Blasting Machine has been widely applied in foundry cast steel and Casting Cleaning of cast iron oxide skin surface sand.

Now move on to specifications of Peening Machine, of which working principle is using high speed compressed air to strike Steel Shot Blasting directly on the surface of work piece to change the surface. It is mainly used in the following aspects:

(a) Pretreatment. Sand blasting before process of galvanization, spray-paint, spray finishing and so on. This guarantees an absolute cleanness, at the same time, greatly improve coat cohesion and anti-corrosion.

(b) Clean. Removal of roll scale, residue and dirt of all kinds of casting, pressing, weld assembly, heat treated work pieces and other metal work pieces. What's more, it can also used to clean surface of non-metal objects, remove ceramic blank surface blemish and restore paint patterns.

(c) Old renovated. It provides both renovated cleanness of all moving parts of automobile, motor and electromechanical device, etc. Simultaneously, it helps to remove fatigue stress and prolong life expectancy. In addition, it guarantee accuracy when deal with mold surface haze without any damage. What really deserves mentioning is its application in Jeans. It really has a good effect on Jeans scrubs and blanches.

Because of this, demand of internal pipe abrator becomes larger. Many types of these machines appeared in the market. Unfortunately, among them, some are fake ones. Those infamous fake machines really bring a lot of bad luck to those regular ones, and make customers confused about which to choose. Facing this, measures should be taken to find out the fake manufactures and give them harsh punishment to regulate the market and let them know only by carrying out strategy of improving product quality and perfecting presale and after sale, can they stand out in the world featuring fierce competition.