Speaking of the shot blasting machine, it is a kind of foundry equipment that is used to clean and strengthen the casting surface relying on the top-speed shots shot out by impeller head. According to the internal structure and operating principle, the Shot Blasting Machine can be classified into many different types, including tumble blast machine, crawler-type blast machine, hook-type blast machine, tumble blast machine, steel plate pretreatment line, large-scale oil tank automatic shot blasting machine, mesh-belt blast machine, roadbed blast machine, internal pipe shot blasting equipment and stone blast machine. Then, the following will introduce seven popular of them at length.

Tumble blast machine comes very first and it is suitable to clean or strengthen the surface od medium and small-size workpieces. Concretely speaking, it is also the very first choice of engine connecting rod, toothed gear and spring in foundry industry and automobile industry. This kind of Shot Blasting Machine enjoys the advantages of high working efficiency, good sealing property, impact structure and high technology content.

Steel plate pretreatment line blast machine is designed to clean welding structural components, H steels, steel plates, net racks or structural steels. Different from others, the steel plate pretreatment line blast machine chooses the multi-angle layout form, which can cast high-speed and dense shot beam. Besides cleaning the surface of various steel materials, it also can improve the fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance and internal quality.

Large-scale oil tank automatic shot blasting machine is a brand-new type, which enjoys excellent environment-protection significance and cost effectiveness. Based on the cleaning mode, it has horizontal cleaning and vertical cleaning. The former is used to clean the oil paint, ship deck, road surface or bridge, while the latter is applied to cleaning the oil tank, water tank or ship body.

When it comes to the piled shot blasting machine, it is often adopted to clean the workpieces with disc or slice shapes, various castings and some structural members. On one hand, it can remove the rust, welding slag or scale cinder effectively. On the other hand, it can strengthen the coating quality and corrosion resistance of the materials.

Roadbed blast machine roller bed blast machine are another two popular types. Roadbed blast machine is used for road construction, which has the advantages of dust and pollution free, while the roller bed blast machine is widely selected by structural parts, sectional materials, steel tubes, steel plates or reinforcing steel bars. Stone shot blasting machine, just as its name implies, is mainly used to clean and strengthen many stone materials, such as pavior bricks, marbles, granites, cement bricks or artificial stones and so on.