In the foundry industry shot blasting is a key surface treatment technology for producing the required surface finishes. Recent developments in the automation of shot blast processes have contributed towards significant improvements in the cost effectiveness and quality of the surface preparation function such as plate blasting, at the same time they have expanded the range of applications for this technology.

The stringent customer requirements did not only apply to cycle time and precision of the automated process but also extended to the allowable residual blast media/core sand in the cylinder heads. The specification of only 0.5 grams per part required a highly sophisticated solution: After the shot blast process the robot transfers the cylinder heads in pairs of two into a blast media removal system comparable to a Ferris wheel. The parts of Hanger Type Shot blasting Machine are moving in a precise orbit while at the same time being rotated in different, pre-defined directions. In addition, a vibratory motor mounted to the wheel frame induces vibrations in the cylinder heads which help shake out blast media from the difficult to reach areas in the water channels.

When it comes to space requirements, Kaitai could also fully meet the customer’s expectations. To allow maintenance work on the shot blast machines during the 3-shift operation, the work area of the robot is enclosed with a safety fence. The complete shot blast system was installed on the first floor of the customer’s foundry.