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President 永井淳of Japannese Sinto company visited our company's exhibition stand


I companies in China's success (wenzhou) mechanical equipment exhibition


Our company in the May 09-12 participated in Beijing by 11 th China international casting exposition. The exhibition is the world's largest castings, casting parts exhibition, our company to attend the event do positive preparation. The facts prove we kaitai exposition group in made great achievements.

1. BAUMA in Munich, Germany

April 15-21, 2013, Shandong Kaitai Group taking with Q69 steel profiles shot blasting machine and other high-end products attend BAUMA together with its subsidiary Dutch Airblast B.V. Airblast B.V High-end Exhibitions : sand blasting room model, sand blasting pot, detection equipment for film thickness, etc.


April 8-11,2013. HANNNOVER MESSE was held at Hannover International Exhibition Center, Germany. Shandong Kaitai Group attend HANNOVER MESSE together with its subsidiary Dutch Airblast B.V, taking the high-end products such as one set 4-72No.3.2A blower, blast wheel, wear-resist castings, metal abrasive, Q69 series steel profile shot blasting machine.

3.Thirteenth China(Beijing) International Petroleum & Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition (CIPPE)

On March 19,2013, Shandong Kaitai Group attend Thirteen CIPPE taking with new, efficiency, energy-saving shot basting machine. It exhibits shot blasting (peening) solutions for construction machinery surface treatment, Q69 ,QH69 Steel Profile Shot Blasting Machine and QT37 Double Hanger Pass-through Shot Blasting Machine designed for famous XCMG.

4. St. Petersburg Technical Fair 2013 (PTFAIR 2013)

12-14 March,2013. PTFAIR2013 was held at Lenexpo exhibition center. Shandong Kaitai Group exhibits high-tech products: metal abrasive, wear-resist castings, Q15GN Shot Blasting Machine.

5. Automechanika Shanghai 2012(AMS)

On 14 December ,2013, Automechanika Shanghai 2012(AMS) completely drop the curtain. Shandong Kaitai Group high-tech products exhibition : metal abrasive, casting auto parts, chemical products got praises from participation, specially the auto parts adopting the advanced investment casting process .

6. American International Fabricating Exhibition ( FABTECH 2012)

Nov. 12-14,2012, FABTECH 2012 was held Las Vegas, North America. The exhibition was the first try to entering North America market for Shandong Kaitai Group when it purchased Dunch Airbalst B.V successfully. Kaitai Group cooperated with America Empire Systems Inc. to attend the exhibition, it will become the cornerstone for Kaitai to enter the North America Market.

7. German International Foundry Exhibition (GIFA)

June 28 - July 2, 2011, Kaitai Group successfully attend GIFA and WFO ( World Foundry Organization) Forum, it exhibits more than 30 samples, more than 80kinds, including QR3210 automatic feeding shot blasting machine, one set 130-2.5 RK blast wheel. Our company’s exhibition stand has a special style with Chinese elements. Our products attracts many customers on the exhibition.