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Abrators' common problems and solutions

The dust remover contains too much of the shot
The air of dust remover's separator is too big, proper adjustment to tuyere baffle, until it can ensure the dust cleaning effect, but don't suck out of the shot as well.

The low efficiency of dust remover
1. There's mistake of the dust remover's wiring connection so that the fan reverses,you must connect the wiring again in a right way.
2. Internal filtration tube of dust remover is installed unsteady or is damaged,or  lack of filter drum.
3. Joints of dust removal pipe are not sealed , you should ensure all the joints are sealed.
4. Sand failure to shakeout when the workpiece is cleaned , sand residues too much.
5. Dust remover's blow-back bodies are not enabled, or enablede few times, dust in the cartridge  must be cleared timely.


Cleaning effect of shot blasting machine is not satisfactory

 1. The inadequate supply of projectiles, appropriate to add new projectiles;

2. The shot direction is not accurate, adjust set window 's position;
3. There is too much differences of shot size, choice the new size;
4. The caking or shot used for too long, replace new shot.

Track shot blasting machine repair and maintenance
1. Always check inside the rubber track shot blasting room, interior linings, etc., should be immediately replaced after wear.
2. Regularly check the wear of blast wheel inside, wear over the limits that should be replaced, especially leaves, directed sets, sub-pill wheel and impeller should pay attention to, if not promptly replaced, would generate abnormal vibration, ability to shot down, also whole body vibration. Another blast wheel liner wear, if serious, it should be replaced, otherwise the blast shell of easy to wear, or even breakdown, causing the projectile flying machine, the harmful environmental and personal safety.
3. Shot blade replacement, be sure to balance and shot blasting chamber orientation sets the adjustments. Replacement blades, generally the opposite direction is symmetrical to replace the two blades, the weight must be equal.
4. Regularly check whether the oil seal leakage, regular open repair blast wheel spindle.
5. Regular cleaning both inside and outside the body to keep clean. Dust regularly inspected bodies, with particular attention to parts of the bearing to prevent the dust into the bearings inside the bearing damage.
6. Lubrication of the machine is properly will seriously affect the life and good machine performance and must therefore be carried out step by step correct lubrication and maintenance, please press the table Lubrication:
Lubrication oil lubrication time point
100 hours of high-speed motor bearing lubrication Cycloid reducer oil as the oil above 60 # set foot line
Chain lubricants for more than 60 # 1 month
Side plate bearing grease for six months
Other bearing grease 1 month