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shandong kai tai abrasion parts precision casting Co,.Ltd

shandong kai tai abrasion parts precision casting Co,.Ltd 2012-08-20

shandong kai tai abrasion parts precision casting Co,.Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary to Shandong Kai Tai Group Co,.Ltd , located in Shandong, Zouping Fenghuang Economic Zone, 52 km from the Shandong provincial capital Ji'nan, only 7 kilometers from the  Zhangqiu exit of Jinan-Qingdao expressway.The company is a professional enterprise which intergrates with  technical research and development, manufacturing, marketing , with clay sand, resin sand, soluble glass and silica sol process technology , to provide users with high-quality wear-resistant cast iron, wear-resistant cast steel, stainless steel castings, nonferrous metal .Investment casting is an industrial process based on and also called lost-wax casting, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques.

Shandong Kai Tai Group Co,.Ltd was founded in 2000, covers an area of more than 400000 square meters.During ten years, Kaitai people adhering to the "leading technology, people-oriented, with virtue plant" concept,our objective is to do better and stronger in China equipment industry , good governance, Cooperation with Shandong University, University of Jinan and other colleges and universities of technology research and development advantages.Rely on the group's production, marketing network ,the advantage is complementary, make a fixed assets is only less ten million yuan enterprise developed into a six hundred million yuan into fixed group of companies.Engaged in the industry include: casting, shot blasting machine, metal abrasive, Chemical industry,stainless steel, and environmental protection of new energy power generation, blower machine.

Kai Tai wear-resistant casting Limited uphold the Group company's operating philosophy and purpose, based on research and development, production, sales of world-class wear-resistant parts, support in the domestic and foreign machinery and equipment, improving the using efficiency, create value for customers.

The company used clay sand, resin sand process, soluble glass and silica sol composite process, so that the wear resistant parts surface quality has been a qualitative leap: on one hand, to improve the wear-resistant parts of the appearance quality, on the other hand, improve the wear parts wear condition,  the service life is longer, bring tangible benefits and value.The company of the wear-resistant parts used in machinery, mining, building materials, construction machinery and other fields, and can be based on customer specific using conditions, tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers.

The company has perfect quality assurance system, high-quality product quality assurance.A sound marketing network - sixteen branch offices, more than 70 offices , with the most convenient way for customers to provide quality services and solutions.The company has ten years experience in the metal abrasive; has nearly five years of shot blasting equipment production experience; for shot blasting equipment wear-resistant parts experience; Shandong University, University of Jinan and other colleges and universities strong technical support; have 5000 customers experience; we have to do the best domestic wear a strong belief, coupled with our experience and practice, our products will satisfy you ..Shandong Kai Tai abrasion parts precision casting Co,.Ltd look forward to your visit and cooperation,Hope to be your supplier.