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Shandong kaitai group co., LTD. cooperated with Airblast B.V.

Shandong kaitai group co., LTD. cooperated with Airblast B.V. 2012-11-10

Stock delivery ceremony has been hold ceremoniously in Snow Mountain Holiday Village, in Zouping on whichShandong kaitai group co., LTD. cooperated with Airblast B.V. successfully.
Mr. Wang, general manager of Shandong Kaitai Group Co., Ltd and Mr. Baker, CEO of Airblast B.V. made important speeches.
It is an internationalization turning point that Kaitai Group purchase Airblast B.V, and it is also an important step that the Kaitai Group carry out international strategy since 2010 .It will become Shandong Kaitai Group’s development milestone.Through the cooperation of Airblast B.V, Kaitai Group will further open international market, steadily improve the product design quality and production quality in order to meet the needs of foreign countries. At the same time, it will make use of foreign enterprises’ advanced design and management philosophy, fully absorb foreign enterprise multinational control experience, and can achieve effectively the effective integration of the domestic and international management idea to reduce the management cost. Kaitai Group will make full use of the advanced technology and brand advantage of Airblast B.V to realize the comprehensive upgrade of Kaitai products.And it can introduce the world influential products and services, striving to make kaitai brand step to the world's top ranks with the most outstanding products and the most high-quality service .