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Technology leads Innovation- The Second Answering Meeting of Technological Innovation in Shandong Kaitai Group

Technology leads Innovation- The Second Answering Meeting of Technological Innovation in Shandong Kaitai Group 2012-12-11

More than eighty senior technological researchers attended the answering
meeting which held in Sep.7th,2012 and Sep. 8th,2012. The meeting took forty-five days for preparation and held in time as scheduled.



Technology is the core of a enterprise as innovation is the soul of a enterprise. As the old saying said,“the innovator wins, and the conservative loses”. In order to improve the level of R&D as well as improve the ability of technological innovation ,Shandong Kaitai Group conducted the answering meeting specially.The meeting was divided into two competition terrain which including three academic fields of subject study,they were material engineering, shot-blasting machinery and electrical design. The judges who are from Shandong University is Prof. Liu Ruwei, Prof. Qi Xiaogang, Prof. Fei Zhenyi and Jinan University is Prof. Li Changchun, Prof. Hou Zhijian, Prof.Li Cong and Dr. Wang Shouren etc. Moreover,  Xu Jincheng, the Dean of research institute of Shandong Kaitai Shot-blasting Machinery Co.,LTD. ,Shi Qinghai, the senior engineer from the overseas branch of Shandong Kaitai Group and other experts and engineers also occupied the judges’ position.



The distinctive study subjects and research projects of the technological innovation in the meeting were viewed favorably by the experts unanimously because of the excellent and remarkable depth of the content. At the same time of approval , the experts also proposed their suggestions. The subjects of the meeting approach the reality of the corporations’ production and have highly operability. We have found the new thought of innovation and technical improvement scheme in domestic conventional technology of design and application. Through the comprehensive learning of international advanced technology, we recruited technical talents with keen observation and practical innovation ability, and formed the atmosphere of problems discovering, technology improvement and the constant learning of innovation. It effectively improved the ability of technological innovation and R&D. And it has injected new vitality and power for the future development of the company.