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Technological Innovations Lead the Development of Enterprise

Technological Innovations Lead the Development of Enterprise 2012-12-12

Recently, an announcement released by Shandong provincial Economic and Information Commission(SDEIC) on the publication of the name list of key enterprises in Shandong and its first major set of technological equipment in 2012 (NO.556〔2012〕,SDEIC), the project of surface pretreatment production line of 5.5 m wide steel plate which belongs to Shandong Kaitai Shot Blasting Machinery Co.,LTD is on the list. And the project was awarded the financial fund of RMB1,600,000 for becoming the first technological equipment in Shandong’s major industry fields.

This project, researched and developed by both Shandong Kaitai Shot Blasting Machinery  Co.,LTD and Jinan University, had received the achievement appraisal of science and technology organized by Shandong Science and Technology Department (SDSTD) in Nov. 11th, 2010(NO.876 〔2010〕,SDSTD),  and won the third progress prize in provincial science and technology in 2011. R&D of the production line not only meets the requirements of the shipbuilding steel plate surface pretreatment and the comprehensive leading level of technology has filled the domestic fields’ blank, but also the shot blasting machine parts of this production line has obtained three national invention patents and five utility new-model patents. The R&D and application of the project can reduce production costs effectively, improve production efficiency, and has a great strategic significance of resource-saving, environment-friendly for our society.