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Night of Christmas Carnival in Shandong Kaitai

Night of Christmas Carnival in Shandong Kaitai 2012-12-25

Shandong Kaitai Group held the Christmas party on Christmas Eve. The prelude is sales department’s series of pop songs and take the audiences into an romantic atmosphere , including the classic and sincere songs “Love” and “Tomorrow will be better”etc. And a Kaitai version “Gangnam Style” ignites the passion and vitality in the presence of all the people and brings its climax by lots of fun. In addition, the party also interspersed with various games and both the managers and staff take part in. During the party, “Santa Claus” sends us the gift and brings his holiday blessing .

The party , carrying out in the atmosphere of happy and cheering , is a Christmas party of youths which full of passion and good wishes to Kaitai future prospect.