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Shandong Kaitai Technology & Emerging Industry Item

Shandong Kaitai Technology & Emerging Industry Item 2013-01-16

KAiTECH intelligent shot blasting cleaning process and PM2.5 collection equipments be strategical emerging industry item in Shandong province . Strategical emerging industry items based on the requirements of significant technology development and breakthrough, which play a leading role in long-term and overall development of economic society.it has the advantage of knowledge and technology intensive ,low resource consumption ,strong growth potential and high comprehensive efficiency.

Implementing the shot blasting process item of KAiTECH environment protection & energy conservation metal surface preparation and PM2.5 collection item of analysis ,control and resources utilization ,it effectively decrease harm to human and reduce air pollution. Shandong Kaitai adhere to the principle of sustainable development. Through industry and product structure optimization to accelerate enterprise transition ,Kaitai devoted to provide high added value and high technical content product for customers by increasing technology innovation. Plan and production of this item is on the basis of latest advanced technology. It is not only replace the conventional rust removing in coating pretreatment but also increase the product life span as well as energy saving and environment protection.