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Certification of Prefectural Star Enterprise

Certification of Prefectural Star Enterprise 2013-02-20

Shandong Kaitai Group be awarded Prefectural Star Enterprise on Scientific development through comprehensive evaluation. In 2012, Shandong Kaitai Group have awarded High-Tech Enterprise, Technology Center of Provincial Enterprises and Engineering Research Center of Shotblast materials and equipments etc.

Through transformation of market management conception, introduction of project management and implementation of sales process management, Shandong Kaitai Group strengthen their competitive power in the market. At same time ,the Group persistently improve their quality of products and services, and accepted by the international market. In international competition, ,Shandong Kaitai Group base themselves on “HONESTY, SAFTY, STABILITY and REGULARITY” and trying to build their KAiTECH be a famous international brand.