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Challenge of Informatization and Industrialization

Challenge of Informatization and Industrialization 2013-02-25

Under new circumstances, the development of many enterprises in China are stagnating into a bottle-neck. Our question is which way of enterprise development will step on and how. Through illustrating the relation between various types of enterprises and regional environment and analyzing the new competitive modes effect on traditional culture management, Shandong Kaitai Group, as the leader of casting industry in China, play an important role in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. To adjust the industrial structure, then the important point is to integrate industrialization with information for enterprises.

Shandong Kaitai Group is based on its 12 years of research process and operating development path, devoted itself to the aspects of R&D, production equipment, production process, management and operation. And trying to upgrade the operating mode to digitalization, networking, intelligence.Shandong Kaitai Group adopted the mode of ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM(Supply Chain Management) to design and product customer’s needs. Synchronously realization of the production process of the flexible manufacturing, agile manufacturing and production control, quality control, intelligent, precision. All these exceedingly speed up the transformation and upgrading of Kaitai enterprise.

Also, integrated with the gradual deepening of enterprise management informatization, our company will make full use of this service platform to continuously improve and optimize online management system.