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Airblast Distributor Visit and be Trained in Its Headquarter — Shandong Kaitai Group

Airblast Distributor Visit and be Trained in Its Headquarter — Shandong Kaitai Group 2013-05-17

  On 14-15 May,2013,Shandong Kaitai Group subsidiary Corporation—Airblast B.V ‘s distributors have a visit and train in its headquarter,  Shandong Kaitai Group warmly welcome their arrival.

General Manager Wang Ruiguo on Behalf Employees of Shandong Kaitai Welcome Airblast Distributor’s Arrival

  In the company meeting room, they have a training class with some employees of Kaitai. In the training, Professor  Li Changchun from Jinan University, Professor Liu Ruwei from Shandong University, Dr. Liu yao from Shandong University together with Technical Director Peter and Chris from  Airbalst teach them some knowledge on blower, shot blasting machine, metal abrasive, foundry casting, peening machine.

Professor Li Changchun from Jinan University Explain Professional Blower Knowledge to Airbaslt Distributors

  During the training period, they visit the company’s exhibition hall and various workshop,,and have an comprehensive understanding of the headquarter. This is the first time they come to headquarter since Shandong Kaitai Group has acquired Holland Airblast B.V. We believe that through this training, they will deepen their understanding of Sandong Kaitai Group, we will be as a whole really and together struggle for Kaitai’s bright future.

Airblast Distributor  with General Manager Wang Ruiguo and other Kaitai Leaders Take a Group Photo to Mark the Occasion

  Airblast B.V established in 1974, the headquarter is in Holland, it has branch offices located in: Middle East, Saudi, Qatar,India. The main business is the blasting machine for the marine engineering and surface treatment industry.  They provide customer with equipment research, design,sale, installment, commissioning and after-sale support. And they offer the best solutions to customer according to their specific requirements of surface treatment.Airblast has an international sales network across Europe, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, Eastern Europe and Africa, in addition to many more countries all over the world ,the global market share to be 20%.Acquisition Airblast  BV is a turning point in the process of internationalization for Shandong Kaitai Group, Shandong Kai Tai will make full use of its advanced technology and global sales network and make Kaitai products to be a world-class brand in the future.