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Let`s Look at the Advantages and Applications of Precision Casting

Let`s Look at the Advantages and Applications of Precision Casting 2013-06-18
Precision casting is also called lost-wax casting or investment casting, which is a metal-forming process to create parts accurately. The name can be different depending on different materials. For example, if you want to cast steel in precision casting, the process would be called precision steel casting. This article will show you some basic knowledge about precision casting, such as advantages, applications and so on.
The process of steel corrosion protection can be divided into two categories: direct way and indirect way. Direct way refers to the method in which the cast is made of wax model itself. Compared with direct way, indirect way is more complex, the steps of which will be described as follows. First, you should create a pattern, which has the same shape as the final part, using wax or other fusible materials. Then, you dip the pattern in a kind of material, such as ceramic slurry. You should pay more attention on the thickness of the material covering on the pattern to make sure it meets the requirement. After that, you should dry and harden dope on the pattern to let it turn into a shell. Next, you should use steam or hot water to melt the original pattern in the shell. Following that, the shell should be placed in sand box and put sand around the shell to get casting mould. Finally, after roasting under high temperature, the casting mould can be used to produce part by pouring molten metal. For different material, the process should be a little different. You can find the exact answer by consulting related suppliers. For example, if you want to know more about precision steel casting process, you can consult the precision steel casting supplier.
Precision casting has many absolute advantages compared with other metal-forming methods. First, when it comes to precision casting, high dimensional accuracy and good-quality is the most obvious feature. Second, the material used in precision casting can be various, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, and so on. Last, precision casting can produce parts of varying degrees of complexity, in almost any volume, from several millimeters to thousands of millimeters.
Precision casting has been playing an incomparable role in many industrial areas. For example, many parts in many machines are offered by precision Stainless steel castings supplier. And most turbine blades used in aerospace and power generation industries are produced by precision casting. Precision casting, especially precision steel casting, is also widely used in other important industries, such as shipbuilding, railways, automobiles, mining, construction machinery, and so on.