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Shot Blasting Machine is an Excellent Helper for Workpiece Surface Treatment

Shot Blasting Machine is an Excellent Helper for Workpiece Surface Treatment 2013-07-15
When it comes to the shot blasting machine, it is a type of equipment that aims at cleaning and strengthening a variety of castings, such as stainless steel castings, ball castings, iron castings or aluminum alloy castings and so on. In general, the Double Route shot blasting accessories consist of impeller, wear-resisting rubber girdle, packing auger, separator, delivery system, dusting machine, cleaning machinery.

Speaking of the practical functions, it can be concluded into four aspects, including workpiece surface treatment, workpiece surface intensification, workpiece knockout and workpiece decoding. On one hand, it can eliminate the surface pollutants, oxide skins, burrs or burnt-on sands. Actually, it is also a requisite procedure of quality test of castings after production. On the other hand, it can largely improve the intensity and fatigue strength of workpiece relying on shot blasting craft. Take the aerospace industry for example. In our modern times, the aerospace industry asks for more demanding requirement to the elements. The light-mass, high-quality and small-size elements are the ideal requirements, which can be realized by shot blasting machine successfully. With the fast development in science and technology, several different types of shot blasting machines have been made by manufacturers so as to satisfy more occasions and the following will enumerate top three of them.

Drum-type shot blasting machine comes very first, which depends on high-speed impeller to cast the pill on the rolling workpiece in the expansion cylinder so as to reach the cleaning goal. Generally speaking, piled shot blasting machine is suitable for sand removal, rust removal, descaling and surface strengthening of castings whose weights are less than 15 kilograms. It is made up of expansion cylinder, segregator, impeller, elevator and deceleration electric machine.

Crawler-type shot blasting machine becomes more and more popular. It is mainly used for the surface treatment for the castings of large quantity production. The most outstanding advantage of this kind of shot blasting machine is the high automation. What needs to be done is to put the workpiece in the expansion cylinder with the rubber belt track. Then, press the OPERATE button. Its application range covers die pressed casting, precision casting and net-size forging.

Rotary-desk shot blasting machine is mainly used for surface treatment for small and medium size workpiece. Such a type of shot blasting machine is used for casting and automobile industry. Comparatively speaking, tumble blast machine is famous for high working efficiency, excellent sealing property, compact structure and convenient maintenance.