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Shot Blasting Machine Profile

Shot Blasting Machine Profile 2012-04-18

(1)The basic working principle of a shot blasting machine

The required number of artifacts in the cleaning chamber, the machine started, start rotating the workpiece, shot blasting start, high-speed projectile thrown by the formation of a fan beam, uniform crack down on the workpiece surface, clay, rust, oxidation of the skin and other debris rapid fall off, revealing the metal color so as to achieve the clean-up purposes. In the cleaning process, the pills scattered down the sand mixture brought together by the screw conveyor in the bottom of the hoist, hoist up to the top of the separator of the equipment, after the separation of pure projectile falls into the hopper of the splitter, for throwing The pill recycling. The shot blasting dust generated by the exhaust pipe into the dust removal system, the purification treatment, the net gas into the atmosphere.

(2)shot blasting machine, the basic structure and part of the performance
The basic structure of the shot blasting machine clean-up room, shot blasting, projectile circulatory system, dust removal system and electric control systems, etc..

(3)the cleaning chamber
Cleaning chamber welded plate box structure group, which is a workpiece to clean, to prevent the projectile flying dust spills indispensable enclosed space. Indoor all-round protection from special cast iron, the maximum extension of the life of the cleaning chamber, reducing maintenance times, improve production efficiency.

(4)Blast Wheel
The blast wheel the following main parts: the impeller and impeller disk drives, sub-pill round, directed sets of blades, motors, housings, high-chromium wear protective liner, rubber protective liner into the pill tube, floor and less shock plastic sheet.
Through the feed port into the work, abrasive throwing the head of the central throwing the head of the central throwing head rotating sub-pill round, outside the sub-pill round of directed sets, sub-pill round abrasive through the opening of the directional put send one end to the blade near the center of the polishing head. Due to the centrifugal force, the abrasive particles are accelerated along the length direction of the blade to reach the blade tip to form a fan beam hit the surface at very high speed.