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High-Tech Shot Blast Cleaning Used for Casting Development

High-Tech Shot Blast Cleaning Used for Casting Development 2012-04-18

Casting is one of the basic modern mechanical manufacturing industry processes. The casting industry development symbolizes one country production power. Casting production puts forward higher demand on casting product development trend at the same time with its constant improvement of mechanism and automation level. So casting product should be of more comprehensive property, higher precision, less mechanical allowance and brighter surface. In order to cater to these demands, new casting alloy would get explored. New smelting process and equipment would emerge in accordingly.

Shot blasting machine thus emerges in this situation. It takes use of high speed revolving impeller to cast pill onto the work-piece rotating continuously in expansion cylinder and acquire the aim of cleaning work-piece. It fits for casting product below 15KG cleaning, rust removal, descaling and surface keening. Shot blasting machine realizes cleaning work-piece by fiercely casting abrasive material onto their surface depending on high speed rotating blast wheel.

The main function of hot blasting machine is as following. Firstly, make parts surface produce pressing stress which can improve their fatigue strength and anti pressing stress erosion capability. Secondly, correct on twisted thin wall parts. Thirdly, replace common cold or hot molding process to machine on large scale thin wall aluminum parts. It can not only avoid part surface residue pulling stress but acquire helpful pressing stress for parts.

Shot blasting machine process as a new casting process has its own advantages. For one thing, it is of large flexibility and strong adaptability. Flat surface, internal or external round and dysmorphism curve are all applicable for machining. For another, it is of wide adaptation range in material and processing size. Metal, leather, wood, rubber and plastic are all suitable. It shows especially unique advantage for stainless steel, titanium alloy and nickel alloy such difficult processing materials. Give the example of steel shot blasting, it is quite effective. For third, it is of low synthetic cost, simple structure, small investment and simple operation. It costs little production auxiliary time and has little requirement for worker technology. The work is safe and dependable.

With the voice of demanding energy saving and recovering natural surrounding higher and higher, ‘green casting' cry is rapidly becoming casting technology development baton. The goal is to make casting product produce lest negative impact and realize highest resource efficiency in the ‘product life circle' from design, manufacturing, package, transportation, usage to discard. It is to realize enterprise economic effect and social effect maximization. ‘Green casting' concept embodies humanization characteristic of high developing culture course and whole requirement of economy sustainable development.