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Shot blast cleaning machine installation and use skills

Shot blast cleaning machine installation and use skills 2012-04-24

(1) How to distinguish shot blast cleaning machine quality?

1.Its appearance is delicate, paint coating is meticulous.
2.The guard board, leaf, impeller, directional sets, points pill wheel processing is meticulous.
3.Is shot the effect, the efficiency is the desired effect.
4.Damaged a service life could meet the industry requirements.

(2)Shot blast cleaning machine installation skills

All shot blast cleaning machine in the installation process must obey the following rules:

1.The host in place: the host done when people in the weight, must achieve drawings of requirements.
2.The division a installation should be bottom-up.
3.Slide type or suspension of roller chain, shall be made by the periphery in equipment.
4.In the test run shall first part of the pilot test, the normal running again after all.

(3)The shot blast cleaning machine operation guidelines

Operators in the operating equipment process must pay attention to its electricity ark the instrument shows is normal or not.
1.All is shot into the room wearing armor personnel must eye glasses and a helmet.
2.The operator must for equipment to be checked every day. Including: lubrication part and mechanical parts.
Lubrication part such as: deceleration machine, hydraulic pressure, oil mist emulators, and bearing the chain.
Mechanical parts such as: turn a wear, wearing parts wear. Every day to wear for registration, and to change in time wearing parts.
Example: the blast vibration must immediately stop as a replacement blades.
3.Lubrication part should ensure that gas up in time.
4.Directional set to adjust and change must be.

5.Every day to check steel shot a quantity to whether enough.

(4)The shot blast cleaning machine use skills

1.In the shot blast cleaning process should as far as possible in the problem is more than a trajectory, such already can improve the efficiency and clean up the guard board can reduce wear, the growth of its service life.
2.In the workpiece can't, by increasing of the directional set should be adjusted, so that the aerosol propellant as the amount of steel shot up the aerosol propellant, so also can increase the guard board life, reduce the wear.

3.(1)Dust removal system should be adjusted pipe everywhere gate, make its wind power allocation is reasonable, can strengthen dedusting effect.(2)Should ensure that the filter out dust regularly.