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How to maintain shot blasting equipment

How to maintain shot blasting equipment 2012-04-25

Whenshot blasting equipment after installation, debugging and put into production, must be in strict accordance with the necessary maintenance process maintenance.

1.Every day is to blast guard board, leaf, impeller, directional set of pills, points wheels for the check, if has the damage replaced immediately.
2. Daily Chambers guard board for examination, have damaged should be replaced immediately
3. Every day on the seals (wearing parts) must be checked, such as damage replaced immediately
4. The regular abrators equipment all note oil place where need according to the oil, lubricati5. electrical system should be a second inspection.
5. Electrical system and all drive a weekly check three times
6.Operators should always check for cleaning effect, such as a strange stop immediately, and the shotblasting machine for overall inspection.