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Different Types of Shot Blasting and a Brief Description About Them

Different Types of Shot Blasting and a Brief Description About Them 2015-07-03

Blasting is defined as the process of forecasting the propellant on the surface of the metal surface polishing or foreign savings from the surface to remove. The extent of the blasting is to determine the degree of foreign deposits in the metal surface. Mainly is the process of blasting is through the use of an air gun, on the surface. Air gun has the ability to project fine grains of sand, small steel ball material such as the choice of projection to a large extent depends on the type and level of the metal surface on the surface of the deposits. You should be aware that this type of blasting is often changed the texture on the surface of the object. So, soft metal polishing you should consult an expert.


There are many reasons why people shot of different materials in the metal surface. First of all, we all know that the properties of the metal is very passive, even react with air. So, to protect the nature of the material, it is with other material or coating. In case the metal has been the reaction of external objects, the process can be used to clean and remove the deposit. This process is mainly the requirements of industrial application, a large metal cleaning and polishing.


There are two types of  Shot Blasting Machine:

1. Grit blasting machine

2. Abrasive blasting machine

Grit blasting:

When blasting by particle size sand process called sandblasting processing. Sand is basically used to eliminate foreign deposits, so the polish surface sandblasting surface treatment is to remove the paint or add texture. Silica particles were guided to the surface using air gun. Sandblasting processing advantage is that it is a quick process, including portable devices, can therefore to any desired position.

Abrasive blasting:

As the name suggests, this process is used to implement the height of the wear and tear.It is usually in a hard metal surface. This type of blast cleaning to reach very high pressure and abrasive materials used quite like small steel ball, broken glass, etc.In some cases, the sand used in sandblasting. Sandblasting has many side effects, the most prominent is that it can cause health hazards.Most professionals prefer to use environmental protection items, such as baking soda and minimize risk.


If you are looking for blast cleaning firms, then you can look out for them in the internet. You should always look for professional experts as blast cleaning is associated with a lot of hazards. A professional knows how to make use of the correct equipments and what should be done to prevent the hazards. There is a lot of blast cleaning firms and before hiring any company you have to make sure that you have taken a dig to look at their proficiency.