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Wide Use of Shot Blasting Machine

Wide Use of Shot Blasting Machine 2012-05-02
Shot blasting machine works under the help of high-speed revolving impellers to shot pellets onto the work pieces. In this way, shot blasting machine can not only clean the surface of the work pieces but also intensify the equipment. By using the shot blasting machine, workers can clean the machines without putting their hands into them, so the securities of workers can be guarantied. Shot blasting machine breaks down the limitations on cleaning different sizes, shapes and weights of the work pieces. It has been considered as the most common, economical and reliable cleaning method and applied all through the word.

With the development of science and technology, shot blasting machine has been refined and modified. Nowadays, there have been many new types of blasting machines. For example, the type of rotary drum shot blasting machine is suitable for cleaning and reinforcing the surfaces of many kinds of large machines, small sized casts, and forged and welded work pieces. The wheel blast machine is mainly designed for cleaning the fragile work pieces and also used to reinforce the surfaces of work pieces.

What is more, a new kind of shot blasting machine called “VPa” which is purely made by hand with an exquisite shape has been put into work. It is mainly used for polishing and cleaning the old exhaust pipes thoroughly before the arranged check on them. For some exhaust pipes made of Nickel alloy or other special alloy, they have to be protected in order to save the cost. It has greatest impacts on city's economic. This new shot blasting machine aims at this. It replaces the human work and makes the hard work being more easily.

Another abrator is made for helping to pave the ground. It has been widely used in the process before paving roads, especially for the mattess, highways and bridges. It can wipe out the floating cements and blots on the ground effectively without causing any dust contamination. For it also will make the surface more smoothly, coatings will be easily adhered to the ground. It not only can improve the efficiencies of workers but also save great deal of money.

Shot blasting machine is easily controlled and cleaned. It is on one hand protecting workers from being hurt during cleaning, besides saving time and money for the company. It has been used for many years and has been put into application in more and more different areas. With carrying on more researches on shot blasting machine, more useful shot blasting machines will come into being in the future.