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Shotblast cleaning machine installation techniques and operating instructions

Shotblast cleaning machine installation techniques and operating instructions 2012-05-02

1.How to identify the shot blasting machine quality?
(1).Its appearance is delicate, paint coating is meticulous.
(2).The use of sheeting, blades, impellers, directed sets whether the detailed processing of sub-pill round.
(3).The effect of shot blasting efficiency if the desired effect.
(4).Wearing parts service life could meet the industry requirements.
2.Shot blasting machine installation skills
All shot blasting machine during the installation process should follow these guidelines:
(1).The host in place: the host in place when the level of degree, weight degree must meet the requirements of the drawings.
(2).The sub-components, installation should be first carried out.
(3).Road, Rail or catenary rollers should be caused by the device within the periphery.
(4).The test should be the first part of the pre-test to normal after all the running.
3.Shot blast cleaning machine operating instructions
Shot blast cleaning machine operating instructionsOperatives in the process of operating the equipment must pay attention to the electrical cabinet instrument display is normal.
(1).Into the blasting chamber must wear goggles and helmets.
(2).The operator must be a daily equipment check. These include: lubricating parts and mechanical parts. Lubricate parts such as: gearbox, hydraulic, oil mist, and bearing chain. The mechanical parts such as: rotating parts wear, wearing parts wear. Wear every day for registration, and the timely replacement of wearing parts. Example: if the vibration of the blast wheel must be shut down immediately to replace the blade.
(3).Lubricated part should ensure timely refueling.
(4).directional sets must be timely adjustment and replacement.
(5).Aday to check the adequacy of steel shot amount.
4.Shot blasting machine use skills
(1).In the blast cleaning process should be more in the projectile region put the workpiece, thereby enhancing the clean-up efficiency but also reduce the wear and tear of the shield, an increase of its life.
(2).In the case of the workpiece can not be increased, should be adjusted directional sets, so that the ejection of steel shot to make the most amount of projectiles on the workpiece, so that may also increase the life of the shield, reducing its wear. ① dust removal system should be adjusted throughout the branch pipe gate, so that the wind distribution reasonable, can enhance the effect of dust. ② dust collector should ensure regular cleaning.