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What is the most crucial parts of shot blasting machine?

What is the most crucial parts of shot blasting machine? 2012-05-05
The shot blasting is a key component of shot blasting machine. Key shot blasting equipment, shot blasting machine is widely used in casting off the sand, castings, forgings, welding, surface preparation of the surface cleaning of the heat treatment parts, steel and profiles, as well as springs, leaf springs and gears under varying stress parts of the surface shot blasting strengthened.Blast cleaning does not touch the clean-up with the shot blasting the use of high-speed long-range projectile projectile workpiece surface, the process is not cleaning workpiece size, shape and weight restrictions. Blast cleaning technology is the most common international and the most economical and reliable clean (rust) method.The shot blasting works is the projectile's kinetic energy into the impact force on the workpiece surface. The shot blasting efficiency depending on the number of projectile, size, speed and impact direction. Therefore, Abrator economic, technical indicators are almost entirely dependent on the performance of the blast wheel.