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China Project _ Hoist Suspension Shot Blasting Machine

China Project _ Hoist Suspension Shot Blasting Machine 2018-03-06

Country of use: China

Customer’s main products required to be deal with: Tank cars

Max. size of the tank cars: L*W*H=12500mm*2500mm*3200mm

Max. Weight of the tank cars: 10000kgs

General Description:

There are some complicated structures at the top and bottom of the tank body which was required to be treated at once together with the tank body. After the blasting cleaning, then the tank would be sent to coating directly by a continues suspension system.

tank shot blasting cleaning

According to the customer’s requirements, our team arranged a combined system (main wheel blasting/shot blasting system + compensatory manual sand blasting room) for them.

After shot blasting, a small part of dead angles will be handled by a manual system.

According to the customer’s high dust removal requirement, we arranged a dust removal chamber separately for them.

Main technical data:

Blasting wheels: 18sets * 11Kw

blasting wheels

Chamber size:

Blasting chamber - L*W*H=3500*4800*6000mm

Assistant chamber - L*W*H=13500*4800*6000mm

Compensatory chamber - L*W*H=15000*6600*6000mm

Operation mode:

(1) Automatic and manual control optional for the shot blasting part

(2) Manual sand blasting operation for dead angles

shot blasting control system


It was a tender project in Chuzhou. The customer is a group company and mainly focus on heavy trucks and tanks cars. The customer was looking for a supportive and reliable manufacturer and supplier. Our company was invited to participate the tender. Aftertechnical and communication, factory inspection, we finally got the bid.

We finished production and running test within 90days and did surface sand blasting before painting for the whole machine surface.

shot blasting chamber inside

We delivered the machine direct to the customer site and arrange our local after sales team to the site to guide installation and commissioning. After nearly 60days’ work, the huge system was finally finished and successfully put into production.

assembly of the blast cleaning system

The customer spoke highly of both our products and our service. The result turned out perfectly.

tank after shot blasting and sand blasting

the paint got very good adhesion after blasting

This system is quite cost saving compares to robotic blasting. But anyway, if you are open for the budget, our Blastman team can provide robotic sand blasting sollutions for similar cars and tanks as well.

We are always doing PROFESSIONAL and ADVANCED products and service around surface blast cleaning.