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Common Fault of Shot Blasting Machine: Do You Know It

Common Fault of Shot Blasting Machine: Do You Know It 2012-07-13
There are many cleaning equipment available in order to last the life of parts. Sandblasting machine is superb cleaning equipment. It's able to remove the rust and oxide layer. Moreover, it can adjust the twisty parts. Therefore, the parts will become more glossy and durable.
How to make it work better? If there is something wrong with it, can you find the reason in a short time? This article will help you know some common faults of the shot blast cleaning equipment. You can take it as reference.
1. There is a strange noise during working
The reason is: under the high speed operation of the leaf blade, it rubs with protective liner. You can open the protective cover to adjust the gap of protective liner. The gap shouldn't be less than 5mm. Or you can adjust the position of impeller and control cage.
2. Its cleaning efficiency is decreased
(1) Perhaps the shot doesn't toss on the work piece. You can adjust the window position of the control cage.
(2) There may be in lack of shot. You may add more shots and check the circulating system of the shot.
(3) Besides the shot, there are other impurities in it. So the passage is blocked. Clean up all the impurities which will help improve its cleaning efficiency.
(4) Maybe the control cage is worn out. Therefore, it's essential that you should check its wear condition. And change it immediately when it's worn out.
3. There is a violent vibration when running
(1) Because the wear condition of each leaf blade is different, so it leads to be lopsided easily. You'd better examine each leaf blade's wear condition termly. And you should pay attention to its weight when changing the leaf blade.
(2) The reason may be is the control cage is loose. Accordingly, it rubs with the leaf blade. Faced with such a problem, you may adjust the control cage to make it fixed.
4. The temperature of the bearing is too high
The lack of lubricating oil may cause this problem. Therefore adding the enough lubricating oil will decrease the temperature.
5. The motor is overheated
(1) Maybe the leaf blade rubs seriously with guard plate or shield. So it gives rise to an overload. For this issue, you can adjust the gap between the leaf blade and guard plate.
(2) Perhaps this problem is caused by power system. Then, you should check the power system in time.
I believe that you can discover the problem in advance after reading. And you may avoid the unwanted danger. Accordingly, its work efficiency is improved. To sum up, it's an excellent cleaning helper.