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Common Ways to Deal With Shot Blasting Machine Failure

Common Ways to Deal With Shot Blasting Machine Failure 2012-07-20
Shot blasting machine is commonly used in the cleaning, rust removal, descaling and surface strengthening of metal castings lighter than 15 kilograms. Inside a shot blasting machine, a small shot is blasted by the fast swirling wings around the tumbling cylinder, so the metal castings can be thoroughly cleaned.
The theory sounds quite simple. However, as in other areas of the industry, machines do not always follow the instructions which they are supposed to follow when they come out of the factories. Inevitably, there are errors about the blasting cleaning equipment.
Then the question is simple; what are the reasons and symptoms of kinds of errors and how do people deal with them?
In the most common pictures, there are five main kinds of errors about a shot blasting machine. Come and take a look at the relative tips.
1. When the cleaning period seems to be extraordinarily long…
This is an obvious sign of insufficient shots inside the cylinder. Insufficient shots not only result in overlong period of the cleaning process, but also can do a lot of damages to the protective shielding inside the cylinder as well.
When encountering this problem, an experienced professional would add some shots into the cylinder. As for the numbers, a clip-on ammeter can help measure as the motor current is supposed to be equal with the preset current level.
2. When the direction of the sleeve window is not correct…
Wrong direction of sleeve window may have similar influences on the blast cleaning equipment as insufficient shots does. It can also damage the protective shielding, too.
On discovering this situation, the technician should adjust the sleeve window direction and position, so the shots can be blasted right to underneath the opening cover. A test blast with a wooden board or hardboard is a worthwhile way to go.
3. When the cylinder doesn't swirl…
If the cylinder is not moving while the riding wheel still is, damage on the riding wheel can be very severe. There will even be dents on the riding wheel tracks.
This situation requires a reduction on the shots-load. Never put too many shots than illustrated on the instruction. Moreover, a technician should check if there are any other extra objects which stuck the swirling process.
4. When the cylinder gets off the track…
This is a situation that can be easily discovered as there will be dents and vestiges along the track of the riding wheel.
In this way, the screw on top of the shaft block needs adjustment. Only after the critical screw is in right position, can the whole shot blasting machine run in good order.
5. When dust leaks out of the machine…
Every shot blasting machine is equipped with automatic dust removing devices. Therefore, when discovering a lead of dust outside the machine body, there must be something wrong with the dust removal system.
Check underneath the machine body to see if the dust disposal cover is shut down.