Why Finnish Ambassador of China visiting Kaitai?
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Finnish Ambassador of China visiting Kaitai

Jan 04, 2020

Why Finnish Ambassador of China visiting Kaitai?

The ”Belt and Road”initiation

built a new platform for the global cooperation

Globalization of Kaitai Group is not only “Going Abroad”

but also on a level of“Importing In”

A strong capability of “Link” is shown during the process

The Finnish ambassador Mr. Jarno Syrjälä and his secretary Mr.  Jaakko Koivusaari visited Shandong Kaitai Group on December 19, the chairman Mr. Laibin Zhang and CEO Mr. Ruiguo Wang of Kaitai Group with Mr. Perttu Junnila of Blastman had a friendly and pragmatic discussion with the ambassador during the meeting.

Mr. Laibin Zhang introduced in detail for the main business under Kaitai Group and fusion development of its subsidiary company Blastman. 

The Finnish ambassador visited the production area of Kaitai Group and the intelligent airblast and wheel blast institute. They experienced the application of a series of emerging technologies such as intelligence, “big data”, IOT etc. and valued highly for Kaitai’s integrated machines and blasting robot of Blastman. 

Kaitai Group has strong industrial base and strong development momentum. It plays an important role in the world’s metal surface cleaning industry. In the future, the company will further strengthen international cooperation, play its own advantages, deepen the joint innovation and result transformation, to promote more cooperation projects, realize the benefit sharing and create mutual benefit and win-win environment.

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