Unity, Cohesion, Cooperation, and Empowerment | Leaders of 11 overseas branch companies from 8 countries gather in Kaitai to seek common development!
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Unity, Cohesion, Cooperation, and Empowerment | Leaders of 11 overseas branch companies from 8 countries gather in Kaitai to seek common development!

Oct 14, 2023

From October 9th to 11th, heads of 11 overseas branches from Finland, the Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, India and other countries gathered at the headquarters of Kaitai in Shandong for a three-day job briefing, training and exchange activity. They identified the overall situation, found directions, and set goals, further enhancing the in-depth understanding of Kaitai people both domestically and internationally, which is conducive to resource sharing, common growth, and progress together, and inspiring Kaitai people around the world to take on responsibilities and actively take action, To build a world map of Kaitai metal surface treatment industry and empower it, we will work together for mutual benefit.

Fulfilling Duties, Brilliant Achievements, Working Together for a New Chapter

On October 11th, Shandong Kaitai held an overseas branch reporting conference, with regional leaders from Airblast B.V and Blastman branches attending. Wang Ruiguo, General Manager of Shandong Kaitai, Zou Wenwen, Deputy General Manager, and Rui Xiaoyan, Director of International Trade, attended the conference.

At the meeting, focusing on research and development, production, and market development, Mika, General Manager of Blastman Robotics, Nick, General Manager of Airblast Netherlands, David, General Manager of Airblast Australia, Sakari, Sales Director of Blastman Robotics, Fazdli, General Sales Supervisor of Airblast Southeast Asia, Arian, General Manager of Airblast Abrasives, Johnson, General Manager of Airblast Saudi Arabia, Kevin, General Manager of Sybrandy, reported on the company's current business performance, key work status, development goals for next year, and direction for tackling challenges.

After listening to the report, Wang Ruiguo, General Manager of Kaitai, made a concluding speech. Mr. Wang pointed out that thanks to the global operation strategy, Shandong Kaitai has developed rapidly in recent years, achieving success in sales, production, design, research and development etc..

Mr. Wang emphasized that Shandong Kaitai has developed into an international enterprise, various departments and branches should be adept at leveraging resources with each other, especially leveraging the production capacity and technological research and development advantages of the group headquarters to introduce good overseas products, sell their own flagship products, achieve resource sharing, and accelerate the internationalization of Kaitai's brand; Carry out sales model transformation, mainly focusing on extending the service value chain and leveraging technological advantages, leveraging digitalization, collaborating online and offline, solving customer information and demand problems, fully leveraging the role of sales networks, deeply tapping customer value, and improving customer efficiency; Each branch should improve its business concept, improve its management methods, fully utilize modern management tools, facilitate information exchange between branches, and lay a solid foundation for cooperation among branches.

Learning, Exchange, Reference, and Sharing Development Achievements

During this period, the group leaders led the heads of each branch company to conduct environmental inspections in Jinan and Zouping, experiencing firsthand the convenient and intelligent facilities and digital living scenes, and fully experiencing the tremendous development and progress in China in the past five years.

Leaders of each branch visited Kaitai production factories and intelligent technology research institutes, experiencing the strong driving force of Shandong Kaitai's development under the support of intelligence, greenery, and digitization, and sharing high-quality development achievements.

▉   Exquisite craftsmanship

▉   Digital intelligent production

▉   Feel the hardcore surface cleaning

In addition, various subsidiaries conducted surface cleaning technology exchanges and experience sharing, and Sakari, the sales director of Blastman Robotics, provided knowledge training on sandblasting robot products for the Kaitai International Trade Department, laying the foundation for international and domestic co frequency resonance and co direction development, and enhancing global team cooperation.

Unity and cohesion, win-win cooperation. Through this gathering, the domestic teams of Kaitai International have further clarified their respective goals and missions, enhanced the team cohesion and teamwork among various subsidiaries, linked the global surface treatment industry in multiple directions, provided end-to-end solutions for global users, and worked hard to create a new situation and stage for Kaitai's global metal surface treatment.

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