What Are the Testing Standards of Cast Steel Grit Quality?
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What Are the Testing Standards of Cast Steel Grit Quality?

Jan 22, 2018

Cast Steel Grit is often used products when cleaning metal surface, it has high hardness and high efficiency, can be used repeatedly. China Cast Steel Grit is widely used in the field of processing, hardware and so on. Then what are the testing standards of it?

1.Chemical composition determine the microstructure and the heat treatment effect. 

2.Hardness. If the steel grit is too soft, will make up rate speed slowly, reduce work efficiency. Too high hardness will cause undesirable surface, increase the crushing probability. 

3.Microstructures. It must be able to resist deformation, when effecting on the working surface, reduce the energy loss. 

4.Physical defects. Cast steel grit must has no physical defects as little as possible. In production, the corresponding process must be controlled to reduce the proportion of defective particles. 

5.Fatigue life. This is ability to resist crushing, it can be most economical abrasive. 

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