Water Vapor Can Easily Cause Failure of Cast Steel Shot
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Water Vapor Can Easily Cause Failure of Cast Steel Shot

Feb 01, 2018

Water vapor exists as gas and liquid, the use environment of Cast Steel Shot is high, resulting the water vapor emergence, which leads to oxidation of the whole cast steel shots.

1.When the Steel Cut Wire Shot contain water vapor, the steam will speed up the oxidation rate at high temperature. 

2.As the substance of water vapor can be dissolved in the grain boundary of the oxide, the oxidation kinetics will be affected when the water vapor is found in the cast steel shot.

3.Water vapor can migrate from the content of oxide film to oxide layer by using tiny holes.

4.Water vapor is one of the main factors affecting the growth of high temperature oxide skin. 

The long term water vapor erosion will affect the cast steel shot service life. To avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, it is necessary to improve the production technology and ensure the quality.

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