What Cast Steel Shot Heating Parameters Depends On?
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What Cast Steel Shot Heating Parameters Depends On?

Jan 29, 2018

Cast Steel Shot heating is mainly to remove the carbide in the crystal and grain boundaries of the cast structure. When implementing this process, it has requirements on temperature and time, what mainly depends on?

1.The temperature of water toughening depends on the composition of high manganese steel, usually about 150 degrees.

2.Holding time: the holding time of wear resistant steel casting is mainly determined by the wall thickness of castings, so as to ensure the dissolution of carbide and the homogenization of austenite in the cast microstructure.

3.Heating rate: the thermal conductivity of wear resistant steel is lower than common carbon steel, therefore, the wear resistant steel castings are more stress and crack when heated, so the heating rate should be determined according to the wall thickness and shape of the castings.

Steel Cut Wire Shot is mainly to get the mono-phase austnite structure to improve the strength and toughness, expand its scope of application.

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