Five Factors Affect the Ejection Strength of Shot Blasting Machine
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Five Factors Affect the Ejection Strength of Shot Blasting Machine

Feb 05, 2018

We all know the cast steel shot strength of Shot Blasting Machine is strong and weak, then what factors will affect its strength?

1.Shot blasting speed, if the speed is increasing, the faster the speed will be, but the faster the speed, the higher the damage rate will be.

2.The shot size. The larger the Cast Steel Shot, the bigger the impact, the stronger the strength, but the shot coverage will be lower. So we ensure the strength of projectile shot, also need to use small shot as much as possible.

3.The hardness of shot. If the hardness is higher than the component hardness, the change of its hardness will not affect the strength, if the hardness is lower than the part, then with the decrease, shot hardness value will also decrease.

4.The amount of breakup of shot. When the shot is broken, the kinetic energy will decrease. Be sure to clean up the broken shot always, to ensure the good blasting rate is more than 80%.

5.The radiological point of view. When the blast jet and the spray surface are kept straight, the highest the shot blasting strength, therefore, it is suggested that shot blasting should be carried out intermittently in such a state. 

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