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QJ Mechanical hand type shot blasting machine


Product characteristics:

Feeding-discharging is PLC automatic control,high flexibility.

Continuously without interval produce.

It can grab 2 workpieces meantime,high productivity.

Focus on special part of casting to do cleaning.

Structure is tight.

Casting such as engine block, cylinder cover,big crankshaft,transmission cover and others with complex surface and multi inner cavity.

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This QJ series shot blasting machine is a new and high efficiency machine from kaitai shot blasting machinery, which is produced according to market demand by shandong kaitai company.Mechanical hand type shot blasting machine consists of two parts,one is workpieces feeding and discharging system;the other is shot blasting chamber system.Fastening motion device of mechanical hand can meet workpieces with different shapes and dimension,no need to replace clamping device,meantime,it has good shots overflow to ensure the workpieces will go through complete cleaning.

PLC system control until will monitor the kinds of aspects of the entire production process to ensure it meets specific production requirements and process specifications.It can feed back monitoring data synchronously,to ensure that every movement of the machine is accurate and smooth,and can achieve high production repeatability. A friendly touch screen interface,it can change program modification,system monitoring, error diagnosis and reporting when it achieves control functions.