How To Produce High Quality Cast Steel Shot?
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How To Produce High Quality Cast Steel Shot?

Jan 15, 2018

Melting high quality steel, then spray the molten steel with high pressure water forming Cast Steel Shot, the formation of steel reheating to homogeneous, then quenching. After quenching Steel Cut Wire Shot in the furnace by drying and reheating tempering to reach proper hardness. Different sizes and hardness products are used in different processes, such as iron and steel removal, surface strengthening and so on. When adding new cast steel shot, please follow the principle of small bonus. 

Cast steel shot use selected raw material scrap, the optimum proportion adding rare metal and alloy, the electric furnace smelting, the modern equipment production is transformed into steel particles. The chemical composition and granularity of liquid metal are strictly controlled to ensure its mechanical properties. Every production process has the most strict quality management. The production of cast steel shot has well organization. Uniform particle size distribution and not easy to broken, strong impact resistance and long service life.

Cast Steel Shot

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